Innovative Structural Building Products

Breakthrough construction milestones that offer incredible strength, performance and value!

Innovative Structural Building Products (ISBP) announces three breakthrough residential construction inventions:

  • VentBoard™ — ventilated long span sheathing for roofs and walls
  • DuctBoard™ — a multi-plenum/air distribution long span floor sheathing
  • Footless Forms™ — a foundation system that doesn’t require footings

All products are covered by multiple patents in the US and Canada and have federal trademarks.

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Construction Cost Savings

Together, these products can save 10% in the cost of a median price house while providing the homeowner with both cost and energy savings.

That's about $20,000 per house!

Green Construction Methods

  • Recycled material used in the production of both VentBoard matrix and DuctBoard spacers.
  • More efficient use of wood by increasing spans and eliminating significant lumber requirements. Reduces carbon footprint in materials, transportation and construction.
  • More energy efficient in winter: cold roof allows insulation envelope system to work as designed, preventing ice dams and condensation which reduces chances of mold.
  • More energy efficient in summer by exhausting hot air from attics, reducing attic temperatures 20 to 30 degrees in warmer climates and resulting in lower electrical costs for air conditioning.
  • Extends life of roofing systems by reducing temperature extremes of materials during warm seasons.
  • Footless Forms produce significant cost reductions through faster construction— saving materials, time, and energy.

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James C Walker, PE CEO/President
Jim has a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Clemson and a master’s degree in Architectural Engineering from Penn State, specializing in structural design with both degrees. From school he joined Ellerbe Associates in Minneapolis and was the structural designer for a large number of projects that included civic centers, arenas, hotels, hospitals, high rise offices, bridges and large industrial factories. In addition, Jim earned an MBA degree from the University of Saint Thomas and a certification in Real Estate Appraising. Jim has used his extensive training and experience to design Innovative Structural Building Products’ new line of products.

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Mark Gagnon, Ph.D. Mark Gagnon is an entrepreneur who is interested in idea enactment in both academic and practical contexts. Mark’s research focuses on the intersection of sustainability and entrepreneurship particularly in the area of entrepreneur psychology relative to new venture practices and performance. In addition, Mark is part of the leadership team for Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences Entrepreneurship Initiative. The initiative seeks to facilitate entrepreneurship in the college and forge intra-university ties. On the applied venturing front, Mark’s interests are in the application of for-profit entrepreneurial concepts to solve the pressing problems that encounter humanity in the agriculture and natural resources space. Mark’s research has been published in journals across disciplines.

Paul M. Smith, Ph.D. Bio (forest) products marketing — technology-driven product/market development, customer delivered value, international trade show use and effectiveness, biorefinery value chain outputs, social asset mapping, stakeholder assessment, content analysis of advertising, and Pennsylvania's forest industry.

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Univeristy of Maine Advanced Structures and Composites Center

Matt Benson Cook, Little Rosenblatt & Manson
Corporate Counsel


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